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Increase sales in your Shopware store now. Don't miss the chance to offer your customers an unforgettable shopping experience with 2D, 3D and AR. Learn more about the integration possibilities.

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2D & 3D configurator

Competition in eCommerce is becoming ever more intense. But with a 2D & 3D configurator, your Shopware store becomes a place of unlimited individuality. Here, you can design customized and varied products entirely according to your customers' wishes.

The result? An incomparable shopping experience for your customers and more efficient order processing for your company.

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3D Viewer

3D visualization allows your customers to experience an interaction with your product. A 3D viewer allows users to view and rotate the product from different perspectives to get a comprehensive idea of it.

As a rule, a 3D viewer does not allow individual customization or configuration of the product. Special 2D and 3D configurators are better suited for this.

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Augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Discover the world of augmented reality, in which your products are brought to life in the real environment of your customers. Hier verschmelzen die digitale und die physische Welt miteinander. Für Ihre Kund:innen war es noch nie so unkompliziert, Produkte vor dem Kauf hautnah in ihrer persönlichen Umgebung zu erleben.

Augmented reality takes your online store to a new level and creates a very special shopping experience.

Smartphone shows a Vespa in front of the house with the help of augmented reality

Why 3D configurator & augmented reality?

70 % expect personalization
Up to 20 % higher sales
61 % prefer stores that offer AR
94 % more conversions through AR
Unique competitive advantage
Case Study

Shopware success story

„Thanks to Combeenation, our customers can easily and flexibly configure their individual designer object. This has led to a significant increase in sales.“ Tobias Pfeuffer, Head of Design, Konektra




Combeenation makes the difference

  • Maintainable & expandable at any time.
  • Complex control system possible (wide range of variants - without limit).
  • Simple handling.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Combeenation creates your 3D models at a fixed price.
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Place your trust in award-winning technology.

You can rely on our years of experience and our recognized services to meet your individual requirements and make your Shopware store a success.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I integrate my Combeenation configurator into the Shopify Shop?

  1. First you need a Combeenation configurator (you can create this yourself or have it created by Combeenation or a digital agency).
  2. Plugin Shopware Shop donwloaden. Click here to download.
  3. Link the Shopware Plugin with the configurator. Watch tutorial.
  4. The exchange of information between the configurator and Shopware shopping cart is complete. The combination of both systems results in a powerful e-commerce configurator

How do I get 3D models?

Don't have any 3D models? Don't worry, Combeenation will create the 3D models you need at a fixed price.

3D Konfigurator vs 3D Viewer vs Augmented Reality

A 3D configurator enables the user to customize and configure the product according to individual preferences. By using a 3D configurator, various options such as colors, materials, sizes, textures, etc. can be selected and displayed visually.

A 3D viewer allows the user to view and rotate the product from different perspectives to get a comprehensive idea of it. In contrast, a 3D viewer does NOT normally offer any functions for customizing or configuring the product.

In the field of augmented reality, for example, customers have the opportunity to "virtually place" a 3D model of a sofa in their personal living room and see how it would look there without actually holding the physical piece of furniture in their hands.


Seamless integration: configurator + Shopware store


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