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With 30 years of experience, Tor & More from Bielefeld is the competent online store for garage doors, door openers and a comprehensive range of accessories. The company is part of the MC-Garage group of companies. What makes Tor & More stand out? It is the service that is clearly the focus - always and without compromise!

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The configurator was combined with the SHOPWARE store system.


Replace the previous configurator

The current configurator was no longer sufficient, as the requirements had become too complex. With the new configurator, the main hope was to reduce the amount of consulting work. The biggest challenges:

  • What measures can be taken to minimize the extensive consultation effort?
  • How can automatic drawings be created as soon as a garden shed is ordered?
  • How can seamless integration into the Shopware store system be ensured?
3D drawing of a white shed from the company Tor & more.

Reduce consulting costs

A configurator was developed for Tor & More that offers both a 2D planning view and a 3D visualization. This enables customers to design their individual garden shed effortlessly without a great deal of consultation. Particularly noteworthy is the user-friendliness and extremely short loading time - making configuration fun. Not forgetting the integrated augmented reality function. It makes it easier for customers to virtually place the configured garden shed in their own garden with just a few clicks, even before they buy it.

Tool shed configurator from Tor & more.


Creation of dimensional drawings

By using the configurator, individual dimensional drawings are created that are used for both production and assembly. This leads to considerable time savings.

Real-time generation of 3D models

The 3D models are created directly in the program code, dynamically and in real time. This ensures that loading times are as short as possible, there is no need to juggle hundreds of thousands of 3D models and there are virtually no 3D modeling costs.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is revolutionizing the way customers experience sheds by enabling them to virtually place and customize their future sheds in their own environment using AR applications.

Free placement of windows & doors

Windows and doors can be placed on the walls as desired using drag & drop. The configurator calculates the structural conditions in the background and only allows feasible designs to be implemented.

With our configurator, we have taken the ordering process to a whole new level of customer satisfaction. The usability, the look & feel and the speed of the configurator have led to a significant increase in access and order numbers.
Martin Jungmann ,
CEO , Tor & More

Film off...

This configurator sets a new industry standard thanks to its outstanding user-friendliness and impressive performance. A configuration that is a joy to use.

Discover your possibilities!

Our team is always available to help you find the optimal configurator solution for your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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