Price examples for orientation

The prices for a 3D visualization are as different as your products. Here are some price examples for your orientation, so you can get a feeling for the costs of the desired 3D visualization. The actual price depends on the complexity, the desired level of detail and the existing source material (are CAD files and/or photos available).

Basically, the higher the desired quality of the 3D visualization, the greater the time and effort required for implementation.



80 euros to 200 euros

This 3D model is a plain porcelain-look mug visualized with a beautiful surface reflection.

3D visualization

System furniture

200 euros to 500 euros

The 3D model of the piece of furniture consists of a metallic frame and a wooden front, the surfaces of which reflect the ambient lighting in different ways, thus setting the scene for the piece of furniture in the best possible way.

3D visualization


600 euros to 1,000 euros

The 3D sofa combines round and natural geometry with detailed fabric textures and fine details such as buttons and stitching.

3D visualization

Industrial device

1,200 euros to 2,200 euros

The industrial device is a detailed 3D model that includes all the main features of the device. It has buttons and a joystick, as well as a reflective display that allows realistic presentation of information and gives the device an authentic look.

3D visualization

Bicycle simple

2,400 euros to 3,900 euros

The present bike was created realistically. The focus of this modeling was the possibility of product presentation in 3D and change of design (frame color,...).

3D visualization

Bicycle complex

4,000 euros to 7,900 euros

The present bike is characterized by a wealth of small details that can be found in each component - be it the chain or the gearshift. The complexity makes it possible to configure each individual component. It has a large number of individual geometries that allow a realistic and detailed model.

High resolution 3D model of a shelf
High resolution 3D model of a motorcycle
High resolution 3D model of a ceramic mug
High resolution 3D model of a bicycle
High resolution 3D model of a cabinet

3 steps to the perfect 3D visualization


Contact us and describe what you need in as much detail as possible. How many products are involved? Which data (pictures, technical drawings,...) are currently available? We are looking forward to your inquiry to!


Once we know all your requirements and have reviewed the existing data, we will prepare a free quote for you within a few days. With us, you get a fixed price so you don't have to expect unexpected costs later.


After reviewing the offer, all that's missing is your approval and we'll start creating your 3D models. You don't have to worry about anything else - just wait for the finished 3D models.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to start creating a 3D model?

  • Mandatory: images of the product and the materials, textures, and fabrics to be used.
  • Ideal, but not mandatory: CAD data or polygon models.

How much does 3D viusalization cost?

The cost of a 3D visualization depends on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of the product, the level of detail of the model, the required number of visualizations and the desired final format. Each job is individual and has different requirements.

It is therefore advisable to obtain an accurate cost estimate before starting a project. To understand the prices for a 3D visualization, you should take into account that each 3D visualization is a unique work of art and is not produced like a mass product.

What is a good 3D visualization?

A high-quality 3D visualization is characterized by a realistic representation of objects and environments that allows the viewer to see and understand the design from different perspectives. It is important that the visualization has high resolution and detail to convey a clear and accurate image. Careful selection of lighting, colors, textures and materials is also critical to achieve the best representation of the design and create a desired atmosphere and mood.

You realize, in 3D visualization there are many aspects to consider and it is easy to make mistakes that can affect the quality of the visualization. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on someone with experience who is familiar with the different aspects of 3D visualization. An experienced 3D artist can ensure that the design is rendered correctly, the lighting and colors are chosen optimally, and the materials and textures achieve the desired effect.

What is 3D visualization?

In 3D product visualization, the product is not photographed with a camera in the usual way in a photo studio, but is created as a digital 3D model. The 3D digital model can then be visualized in a variety of environments and situations to give the customer a realistic idea of what the product will look like. Do you already know our blog article 3D visualization vs. product photography?

Why 3D visualization?

3D visualization enables a more realistic representation of objects and scenes than traditional 2D representations. By allowing objects and environments to be viewed from different angles, 3D visualizations can provide a better understanding of shapes, proportions, and spatial divisions. Second, 3D visualization can help convey complex data or concepts more easily. By presenting complex information in a visual, interactive way.

Finally, 3D visualization is also of great use in many industries, from architecture and design to medicine and industry. It allows for a more accurate and realistic representation of products. In the B2B and B2C sectors, there are no limits. Do you already know our references?

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