Visual Commerce the future of eCommerce

Author: Elisabeth Sonnleitner

Visual Commerce is much more than simple product photos

Customers want to experience products visually. Not just since the Internet and social media have become part of our lives. They have been for decades. The good news is that digitization - and with it the possibilities of augmented reality and configurators - gives us the opportunity to present customers with a wide variety of products authentically on the screen. And far better than a simple product photo can do. It's about creating an authentic 3D experience through the use of modern configurators, the projection of goods into one's own four walls by using AR or virtual reality glasses.

In this article, you'll learn why visual commerce brings noticeable sales growth and how you can use AR and configurators for your products.

Visual marketing brings success

Since Instagram has been on the smartphones of 49 percent of German consumers, visual language has dominated the world of marketing. Visual language is successful because visual elements 'catch' people. We remember around 80 percent of the things we see. By comparison, we remember only 20 percent of facts we read. At the same time, visual input is processed 60,000 times faster than text. This means that images are far ahead of text content on the World Wide Web. On the one hand, because companies can more easily capture the short attention span of customers with images. On the other hand, because visually presented products and services remain longer in the memory. Thanks to other platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and others, buying behavior has changed massively in recent years.

Visual commerce uses the power of visualization - and goes one step further than a simple product photo. Modern technology and its possibilities are used to make it possible to experience a product directly on the screen. Customers must be able to experience the most important functions on the screen without touching the product.

Visual Commerce the future of eCommerce
Visual Commerce the future of eCommerce

Why should I rely on Visual Commerce?

Visual commerce is about much more than interactive product imagery. But why should I as a company focus on this?

  • Increasing customer loyalty: The more customer interaction takes place, the greater the loyalty to the product. Ordinary product images quickly bore customers, who are distracted and switch suppliers. But if they are intensively engaged with a product, a bond is created.
  • Product presentation that convinces: Anyone can present a simple product, but what sticks in the mind? That's right. Unique elements like videos, configurators or 360° product images. Only through a personalized shopping experience manufacturers and retailers can differentiate themselves.
  • Reduce consulting effort: Who doesn't know you the time-consuming customer inquiries about product details, combination options and features? Visual commerce reduces these. Why? Customers interact much more intensively with the product, which reduces the number of questions that arise.
  • Boost your sales: Content created by users themselves contributes significantly to building trust. The higher the trust and the higher the interaction, the higher the number of sales.

Combeenation makes Visual Commerce possible

Visual Commerce is the future of eCommerce. A product is no longer represented only by images, but can be experienced by means of 3D representation and augmented reality. Combeenation has dedicated itself to visual commerce. With their configurators you enable the target groups to experience your products directly on the screen. We would be happy to advise you on our services in Visual Commerce. Get in touch with us now.

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