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PI ROPE is an individual spoke and wheel manufacture. In elaborate handwork, ultra-light wheels with textile spokes are manufactured for the discerning customer. A unique process makes this possible, because the spokes consist of a multitude of high-performance fibers, which bundled in a braid exploit the full potential of the material used.

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The configurator was combined with the WOOCOMMERCE store system.


Maximum individuality

Every single spoke of the wheels can be designed completely individually in a different color at PI ROPE. This enormous individuality presents the company with some challenges.

  • How can customers get an idea of the finished product in advance?
  • How is it possible to place an order easily?
  • How can you offer a clear selection of the countless possibilities?
Detailed picture of a Pirope wheel.

Unique sales tool

As the first 3D wheelset configurator of its kind, PI ROPE scores with intuitive design as well as simple menu navigation. In the past, taking orders was tedious. From now on, the wheels can be visualized in 3D with just a few clicks and ordered directly by the customer.

Screenshot eines Laufradsatz und Speichen Konfigurator

Simple & intuitive operability

Easy maintainability

We always try to map as much logic as possible on the Combeenation platform. Many properties of the 3D models, for example the color codes, are easily maintainable for PI ROPE in the platform's own asset management area.

Real time price calculation

The real-time price calculation allows customers to see the current price immediately. With every change of the configuration, the price is recalculated and displayed immediately.

Real-time 3D visualization & ease of use

Despite countless options, the configurator is always easy to use, intuitive and self-explanatory. Spokes and wheels are presented live by means of 3D visualization. Customers can make changes to the product in real time, rotate it and view it from all sides.


The configurator in action

Discover our wheelset configurator for your bike. A great user interface ensures easy customization of the individualization options.

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