CPQ Configurator

There are many configure-price-quote providers on the market. This most original form of a classic B2B configurator primarily serves to relieve sales. Combeenation offers all the familiar functions in a future-proof guise, but in comparison with conventional providers, it focuses particularly on usability, performance and outstanding visualization.

Sales efficiency

Optimize your sales with our CPQ solution

Transform your sales strategy with our CPQ configurator - an intelligent solution that not only saves time, but also maximizes your sales opportunities. Success begins with optimal offers and efficient sales. Creating and calculating error-free quotations for complex products has never been easier.

A man configures a machine with a tablet.
Screenshot of the KEBA configurator.
Screenshot of a Robox brand machine configurator
Screenshot of the Schrack configurator.
Tool shed configurator from Tor & more.
Screenshot of the H+H configurator.
Screenshot of the Bückeburger configurator.
Screenshot of the M-Tron configurator.
Screenshot of the Rehau configurator.
Screenshot of the Fagsi configurator.
Screenshot ofthe Engel configurator.

Why CPQ Configurator?

Guided sales processes
Automated pricing
Error-free offers
Increasing the conversion rate
Visualized calculation tool
CPQ Software

Why choose Combeenation as your CPQ solution?


With Combeenation, millions of product variations can be mapped. There are no limits to the complexity and diversity of variants. This is particularly important for technically sophisticated products. It is not for nothing that we describe ourselves as a provider of configurators for demanding requirements.

User Experience

Many conventional CPQ solutions lack a visual user interface, making them complex and not very user-friendly. This increases the risk that neither the internal sales team nor the customers will use the CPQ solution. At Combeenation, on the other hand, we have a strong focus on usability, performance and outstanding visualization.


CPQ providers often focus on specific ERP or third-party systems, which makes future changes more difficult and ties them to these systems. In contrast, Combeenation is flexible and seamlessly compatible with a wide variety of systems.

CPQ software


Our focus is not only on the efficient implementation of CPQ, but above all on a unique user experience - which is why we are proud to call ourselves CPQ-X experts. We go one step further than the conventional configure-price-quote functionality.

The "X" stands for Experience. For us, CPQ not only means supporting sales processes, but also outstanding visualization, maximum user-friendliness and high performance.

To read the lettering on the CPQX.

A picture says more than 1000 words

The picture shows a visually appealing configurator compared to a technical CPQ solution.

What makes a good CPQ software?

  • Outstanding visualization
  • User-friendly for intuitive use
  • Top performance
  • Automated & error-free quotes
  • Automated & rule-based pricing
  • Connection to third-party systems possible
  • Variety of variants - without limit
  • Maintainable & expandable at any time
A paper ship overtakes the competition.
Case Study

CPQ success story

The CPQ solution for KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH revolutionizes the way operating devices are calculated. A tool that not only saves time, but also makes the need for Excel-based solutions obsolete.

Satisfied customers are the best proof

50 %

Time savings in the preparation of quotations

To the Case Study

25 %

Acceleration of the quotation process

Bückeburger Hallenbüros
To the Case Study

100 %

Increased efficiency in the quotation process

BBQ Kitchen
To the Case Study

90 %

Time savings in order processing

To the Case Study

CPQ Features


Customers are guided through the purchasing process by receiving personalized recommendations, information, ... receive.


Offer a unique user experience through outstanding, realistic 3D visualization.


Once the configuration is complete, a quotation can be generated at the touch of a button.


Once the configuration is complete, a technical drawing can be created at the touch of a button.


CPQ facilitates lead generation through fast, error-free quotes, shortened sales cycles, ...


We transfer data from external sources into the CPQ Configurator and thus ensure a smooth process.


The price is recalculated with every change in the configurator and displayed immediately in real time.


We offer seamless interfaces to common CRM systems (f.e. Hubspot,...).

User groups

Depending on the user (customer, partner, dealer, sales), the configurator can display or output different content.

Frequently asked questions

What is a CPQ configurator?

CPQ stands for "Configure, Price, Quote" and refers to a solution that supports companies in configuring complex products and services, setting the prices for them and then creating quotes for customers.Ein CPQ-Konfigurator ist ein zentrales Element im Vertrieb um Prozesse zu optimieren, Fehlerquoten zu reduzieren und die Effizienz zu steigern.

It is particularly useful in sectors where complex products with many configuration options are offered, such as the manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering or IT.

Why is Guided Selling becoming increasingly important?

Guided selling is a sales approach in which customers are guided through the buying process by receiving personalized recommendations, product information and instructions. Guided selling is becoming increasingly important as customers today often have a wealth of information and options. Through personalized recommendations and targeted instructions, companies can ensure that customers find the best products for them. This improves the customer experience, increases sales and strengthens customer loyalty, which is crucial in a competitive market.

What are the advantages of CPQ software?

CPQ software offers companies a powerful solution for optimizing sales processes and realizing a wide range of benefits:

  • Error-free and fast quotations: By automating the quotation process, CPQ minimizes the risk of errors, resulting in accurate and error-free quotations.
  • Reduction of standard requests: CPQ enables customers to configure their own requests, which leads to a reduction of standard requests and relieves the sales department of time-consuming tasks.
  • Automated pricing: CPQ enables error-free pricing through automation.
  • Guided selling processes: CPQ offers guided selling processes. Guided selling is a sales approach in which customers are guided through the buying process by receiving personalized recommendations, product information and instructions.
  • Increasing the closing rate: The above points enable a quick sales process, which has a positive effect on the conversion rate.
  • Simple sale of products with many variants: With CPQ, even with a large number of variants or a complex product, the options can be clearly displayed.

Ready to revolutionize your sales with a CPQ solution?

Contact us now and let's talk about how we can optimize your sales processes and make them even more efficient.


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Configurators for demanding requirements

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