Background knowledge

Cloud configurator vs. on premise configurator

Author: Elisabeth Sonnleitner

Everyone is talking about on-premise and cloud solutions. But what do configurators have to do with this? Configurators can be offered both on-premise and cloud-based. We explain the terms and show you the advantages of a cloud-based solution.


What is an on premise configurator?

The term comes from the English language and means "on-site" or "on one's own premises". On-premise is understood to mean server-based solutions. The required software or the configurator are operated on a company-internal or rented server and installed there. If you decide to use this solution, you are also responsible for the hardware and subsequent updates, maintenance,...etc.


What is a cloud configurator?

With cloud-based solutions, the software is made available via the Internet - without the need to install software locally. With the help of a cloud, storage space on computers and smartphones can be saved. This is because companies do not have to purchase any special hardware or software; they can easily rent external storage space and computing power.

Cloud configurator vs. on premise configurator