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What does a Project Web Developer actually do at Combeenation?

David Stögmüller

At Combeenation since 2020
Education: Technical college in Haslach

David Stögmüller works as a "Project Web Developer" at Combeenation and is intensively involved in the implementation of configurator projects. In his spare time, David is passionate about the world of Formula 1, and his dedication to motorsport is also evident in the office, where he brings the drive for top performance.

David Stögmüller from Combeenation

What does your day-to-day work at Combeenation look like?

So, my main task is to implement configurator projects. It's all about designing the projects and thinking about how to approach them technically.  You have to consider how the implementation works best and which technologies are used.

We regularly use BabylonJS for 3D representations as well as external 2D canvas libraries. For very special and parametric projects, we also have the option of using SD. A clear trend is currently emerging: planning is increasingly being carried out in 2D, while visualization is being implemented in 3D.

In short, I take all the technical steps and set up the configurator with all its functions. Every configurator is for a completely different product or for a completely different industry. That's why every project is unique and that's what makes it so exciting.

What is your background and how did you get into this profession?

I developed a keen interest in computers back in secondary school. There I started programming small extensions for games myself. Since then, it was clear that I wanted to do something in the field of IT. I then came across the technical college in Haslach and knew immediately that this was exactly what I wanted to do. At school, the focus was on information technology and web development. There I also realized relatively quickly that I wanted to go into web development. Yes, and after leaving school I discovered Combeenation. I've been there ever since.

Tell us about a project that has inspired you or that you are particularly proud of.

I immediately think of a specific project that we recently implemented for the customer FAGSI. FAGSI sells container systems, for example for sanitary facilities or residential containers. Our focus was on construction site containers. A totally cool project. The aim was to develop a tool for container systems that could be used to visualize and plan the systems. Ultimately, we have created a really great planning tool - not just a configurator. We have integrated so many features. You can freely place the containers in a scene, connect them with each other and create rooms, so to speak. Everything you have planned in 2D can be viewed in 3D. It is even possible to place extensions, platforms and stairs, up to three levels. Finally, a PDF can be generated for further order processing. It took us several months to create a completely fine configurator.

Screen from a Project Web Developer.

What fascinates and inspires you or what do you like most about your job?

I am fascinated by the fact that there is such a great need for configurators, as it is difficult to visualize complex products simply with pictures. It's much easier with 2D or 3D visualization. It is simply fascinating for me to create and build something like this. Simply that you can counteract this problem and thus help customers to sell their products better.

My job is indispensable because...

... everything is becoming increasingly digitalized and people are becoming dependent on the Internet. As a result, there are more and more websites and various digital solutions. Only a web developer can implement this. AI can't cover everything. I'm convinced that my job is pretty future-proof. Especially with configurators, which are so product-specific, it's difficult to use AI.


If you could configure something crazy, what would it be?

I would either configure a Formula 1 car where I can simulate the aerodynamics or something with Lego. The idea is to make my own Lego by putting it together in a configurator and then getting the right parts sent to me. Or maybe even change the colors of existing Lego sets. For example, if I want the standard Lego set in red and green instead of blue and white.


What are you passionate about in your free time?

I don't have to think about it for long: that's Formula 1.


What three skills or qualities should you have for this job?

The most important thing is to be solution-oriented. This ability is then linked to the two other qualities. You absolutely have to be independent, otherwise you won't get very far. And reliable work is very important, so that you don't have to be constantly reminded.


Three things you particularly appreciate about Combeenation as an employer?

I appreciate the informal working atmosphere and the fact that everything is very personal. We are all on a first-name basis at Combeenation. Then the flexibility in many different areas, be it working hours or vacation. And the great team. We have the motto "ONE TEAM" and we live by it.

THANK YOU David for your insight.
It's great that you're part of our team.

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