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H+H SYSTEM is considered a global specialist in medication storage and organization. Their partitioning and storage system has proven itself for over 30 years in extremely sensitive areas, from pharmacies to hospitals.


Create complex solutions intuitively

The biggest challenge was to present the immense range of variants to the different customers in a way that was as clear and comprehensible as possible.

  • How do you guarantee customer satisfaction while reducing the amount of consulting work?
  • How can sales be increased in the core markets of the USA and EU?
  • How can customers be given simple and easy access to the product?
Detail picture of an H+H shelf.
The solution

Configurator as sales consultant

The configurator has become an indispensable tool at H+H SYSTEM. Regardless of whether customers configure their products themselves or the configurator is used as a sales support, it serves to improve the visual presentation of the solution and thus to increase the satisfaction of the end users.

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Sales support


The configurator can be used internationally due to its multilingualism. The unit of measurement can also be changed between millimeters and inches.

Preconfigured products (presets)

So that users do not have to start from scratch, products can be preconfigured. They can choose from three different presets: Storage Rack, Mobile Storage and Work Stations. In addition, there is also the option to start an empty configuration.

3D visualization

The flexible 3D model, which adapts in real time to the customer's input, creates visual feedback. The changes to the shelf can be examined directly. The product can be experienced before it actually exists.

40 %
more requests
60 %
more completion of purchase
80 %
time savings in the quotations
With the configurator, we have gained a 24/7 sales force employee. Through the connection to our ERP system, he also takes over a huge part of the office work.
Philipp Schuster ,
Director of Engineering & Innovation , H+H SYSTEM

The configurator in action

Watch the video to see for yourself the countless possible combinations of the H+H shelving system. Simple and intuitive, configuration is child's play. The level of detail in the visualization leaves nothing to be desired.

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