Product Configurator Software

Combeenation's product configurator software offers numerous functions and features with which unique configurators can be built. The number of available features depends on the agreed product.

Yes, we know, that's quite a lot of features at once. But exactly this multitude of features shows the complex know-how behind our unique configurator. Not every feature is relevant for every decision maker. That's why we have installed the following filter criteria.

Filter Features

Flexible Check-Out

A connection to the desired e-commerce system is established through the flex checkout. The configured data is then transferred to the higher-level page in JSON format.

Cloud-based Configurator Platform

Efficient project implementation on the platform through our own development environment for product configurators.
Management, expansion and control of all adjusting screws of the configurator in the Combeenation backend.
0% installations. 100% cloud.

Interactive Visualization in real-time

Whether in 2D or 3D - the visualization of your products on the Combeenation platform is the next step in the digitization of your sales.
The interactive experience of the product raises the product experience to a new level.

Smart Visual Configurators - A perfect symbiosis between visualization and product intelligence

In addition to the visualization, the mapping of the product logic - and the associated set of rules - represents the second major challenge when implementing a configurator.
Combeenation connects CPQ and 3D - smart and visual.

Consistently valid configurations

Is the product available in color green, with selected elements made of stainless steel and the "leather" option? Combeenation configurators move from the entry point to completion in the defined, closed solution space. This avoids invalid configurations.

Parametric Visualization

Predefined 3D models cannot be used for products with dynamic geometry. Parametric visualization is the solution.

Extend in functionality and in terms of content

Configurators on the Combeenation platform have a modular structure. This means that they can be expanded in terms of content and functionality.

Free-Flow Configuration

Free-flow configurations allow the user to move freely through the individual configuration steps without a fixed sequence. This means considerable added value for the user experience.

Easy Web-Integration

The configurator can be integrated into any web solution. Whether it's a website, web shop or landing page. The only requirement is to use a standard web browser. 


For the use of the configurator under several brand appearances, the structure is based on the white label principle.

Completely customizable configurator UI

The design of the configurator is completely individual - taking into account the Combeenation best practice principles, which guarantee the best usability.

Maintainability of content

Through the backend access, content and prices can be maintained and updated independently by the customer.

Internationalization (languages, currencies, units of measurement)

The configurator is internationalized by adding additional languages and currencies. New markets can be tapped and significant scaling effects can be achieved.

Image Upload

The integrated image upload enables an even greater degree of product personalization.


Predefined entry configurations enable optimal adaptation to the customer journey.

Notification Areas

Information areas in the configurator can be used to integrate existing product texts, PDFs, videos and thus enhance the user experience.

Analysis of user behavior

Integration of the Google Tag Manager to analyze up to 10 events in the configurator.


Simply embedding the configurator in several domains increases the range without additional effort.

Social Sharing

Easy sharing of the finished configuration in your own online network or social channels via social sharing buttons.

Responsive Optimization

With availability on all (mobile) devices, Combeenation enables a user-optimized customer experience through individual product configurations on the desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or directly at the point of sale.

Customer Driven Development Features

Solution of individual problems through customer-specific in-house development.

Automation (4.0)

Creation of internal production data from configurations in order to optimize the production workflow.

Interface to ERP or PIM systems

Data of the finished configuration can be transferred flexibly (in user-defined data format) to the further processing system. For example, back to the leading ERP system or the shopping cart of the online shop.

Data Input and Output

Individual data retrieval, live and on-demand.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Fast and error-free preparation of offers with our integrated CPQ solution.

High-quality lead generation

Accelerated sales cycles through highly qualified and informed contacts via email check-out.

Guided Selling (B2B)

Complex products are presented through targeted information areas, product sheets, additional information and videos.

Expert Mode - different editing modes

Hiding or expanding functions through automatic user differentiation in expert mode.

Support of the Sales Network

A product configurator is not necessarily a new sales channel, but can - if planned accordingly - support the existing sales network.

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