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18.Aug 2021

80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place in digital channels by 2025, according to the forecast in the "Gartner Future of Sales 2025" report. 

How nice would it be to take a look into the crystal ball here at the sales of the future? However, one thing is clear even without a crystal ball: in order to meet the new buying preferences of customers and to be successful in virtual sales, a digital mindset is necessary in sales. Have you already thought about the potential of product configurators here?


The customer has changed...

A stronger increase in digital interactions between buyers and sellers is expected in the next few years. The traditional sales models are gradually moving into the background. It is important to realize that buying preferences have permanently changed and, as a result, so has the role of the salesperson themselves. Sales is undergoing a transformation - moving away from a sales-oriented to a buyer-oriented focus. Directly affected by this is the increasing digitalization of previously analog sales processes. According to Gartner, buyers typically spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers when considering a purchase. With less and less customer time, virtual selling via digital channels will prevail.

In sum, companies need to use new tools and channels, as well as a new way of engaging with customers. One of these tools is the use of a product configurator, with which you can create a unique shopping experience that benefits not only your customers, but you as well.

What is the added value of a product configurator?

  1. You want to significantly increase your sales and conversion rate?
  2. Do you want to speed up the quotation process?
  3. Do you want to digitize your sales?


These are just a few arguments in favor of using a product configurator. The list could be continued endlessly. With the use of a configurator, companies have the chance to create a unique selling point in the industry, which offers the customer a special shopping experience. In addition, there are studies that show that the more intensively a customer deals with a product himself, the greater the chance of a purchase.

Do I have the ideal product for a configurator?

Your company has products where the characteristics, such as color, material, size, design,... can be changed? Maybe it is even a product with many variations? Or can even the shape be changed and adapted? If you can answer at least one of the previous questions with yes, then the use of a product configurator is exactly the right thing. There are almost no limits here. No matter what industry you are in - whether cars, furniture, front doors, garden sheds, lift systems,...!

Are you curious? Click here for selected reference examples:

Success story - H+H System

Customize multifunctional storage and organization systems

With its FlexShelf product, H+H System has created a diverse range of products that can be used from the healthcare sector to retail. But how do you offer this wide range of variants to different customers in a way that is as clear and comprehensible as possible? And how can the sales staff be supported in selling such a varied product? The Combeenation product configurator with 3D visualization in real time solves these challenges!

Advantages for H+H System:

  • simple presentation of all customization options, which would be almost impossible using a catalog 
  • reduced consulting effort
  • visualize selected components live in 3D
  • changes to the shelf or product can be viewed directly. This increases the probability that potential buyers will finally send an inquiry.
  • internationally applicable due to multilingualism

 to the configurator


Practical tip for a product configurator

We recommend a simple and straightforward approach! Too often, people try to pack the entire product range of a company with the entire solution space of all products into projects. However, it is much better to pick a few products to start with: Best sellers and products that are popular with the target group. Then we recommend starting with this limited product range and waiting for initial customer feedback. This is how you get step-by-step to a successful product configurator.

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