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Sales increase through product configurator

Author: Walter Burgstaller

You want more sales? Then it is important today to think about using a product configurator. Many customers first find out about products on the Internet before they approach a company. The ability to configure products individually can increase the conversion rate. With a product configurator, customers can put together and order the desired product directly on the website, which can lead to higher customer loyalty and subsequently to an increase in sales.

If a company uses a product configurator, this can lead to an increase in sales of about 10%. Yes up to 20%, 30% and even more - this is how the manufacturers of platforms for product configurators advertise. We at Combeenation also advertise this. These figures do not come from us, but from our customers. So where do the sales increases come from and how reliable are these figures? Well, one important aspect is certainly that a percentage figure alone says little or only a part of the whole picture. So if a startup sells 11 products a month instead of 10, that's 10% more. If it sells 13, that's a plus of 30%. You can see what I'm getting at. If a company is already one of the top 3 manufacturers in its industry and country and sells 100,000 products per month, a 10% increase in sales will already be a big challenge and plus 30% will be utopian anyway.  Often these percentages refer to a single product and not to the entire turnover of the company. So a percentage figure in itself only says something to a limited extent.

We explain below which factors need to be taken into account in order to achieve the desired increase in sales using the product configurator.

More leads and customers for increased sales

One of the most important prerequisites for successful configurators and the associated increase in sales is to generate appropriate traffic on your website. For small, unknown companies - such as startups - this is usually the first hurdle. If no one knows that you exist and no one visits your website, the configurator cannot generate more sales. Therefore, invest in traffic first or at least at the same time. You can't skip this step. Traffic also means brand awareness. But now it gets more exciting. Because a configurator naturally also helps brand awareness. Nowadays, consumers do most of their research on the Internet before they contact sales staff. This is true not only in B2C, but also in B2B. And here we all hardly differ. Enter the search engine, visit the first hits. If the respective website delivers exactly the information we are looking for, we stay. If it's just a small thing that bothers us, we're gone, don't come back and keep searching. This is exactly where a product configurator makes the difference. Visitors can individualize and experience the product. This experience is an important factor - spending time with it, using a personal background image, setting the scene for the product or placing it in its own environment using AR.

UI and UX for increased sales

An often underestimated aspect is UI and UX. UI refers to the design and visual layout of user interfaces, such as buttons, menus, and icons. UX refers to the overall experience a user has when interacting with a product or service. This is where often seemingly small changes can make all the difference. What is the goal of the configurator? Keyword selling additional options. Who is operating the configurator? Keyword personas. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made in the basic approach, especially when the inside view defines the design of the user interface and user experience and little to no consideration is given to the needs of the users.

Sales increase through product configurator
Sales increase through product configurator


If you have a configurable and/or customizable product for which there is a demand and you take care of sufficient traffic on the website and have a smooth checkout (store system), you will also make more sales with a properly implemented product configurator. Is there a guarantee? Of course not - just like in real life. However, the probability is very high.

Essential factors for more sales with product configurator

In order to be successful and generate more sales with a product configurator, you should be able to answer yes to the following points:

  • I have a configurable or personalizable product
  • There is a demand for my product on the market 
  • I have sufficient traffic on my website or product page (be careful with startups or unknown companies)
  • I have a clear goal that my configurator is pursuing (for example, increasing sales or supporting sales) 
  • The UI/UX is right for the users of the configurator (personas are created)
  • I take care of a consistent and constant adjustment and data maintenance of the configurator (like new products, options, prices, ...)
  • I guarantee a smooth checkout (store system, email request, ...)

You want to increase your sales? Contact us, we will help you calculate the profitability of a configurator and tell you how to get a successful configurator for your product.


What is a product configurator?

A product configurator, also called a variant configurator, enables customers to configure and order individual products. The customer can choose from various options such as color, size, material or function and combine them to obtain a customized product.

Will any product configurator bring me an increase in sales?

Overall, a well-designed product configurator can bring an increase in sales, but there is no guarantee that this is always the case. It depends on several factors, including the type of product, demand for the product, website traffic, checkout process, and more. In practice, however, there are many successful examples of increasing sales with a product configurator.

Are there any reference examples of sales increase through a product configurator?

On our website we have listed some of these examples, such as Molto Luce, where sales and inquiries increased by 30% after implementing a configurator. Dogsworld saw a 35% increase in the price of their products as a result of the configurator. And at Florianshütten, the configurator has helped double sales of garden huts. But we have to be honest: not all customers have achieved these success figures, because in order to achieve such results, some aspects have to be taken into account (see blog article above).

Can I calculate the ROI from my product configurator?

We are often asked these questions. In order to provide you with a suitable answer, we have developed a "cost vs. benefit calculator". Just try it out and enter your figures - in just a few clicks you will find out whether a configurator pays off for your company.

How much of a sales increase is realistic with the help of a product configurator?

It would be highly unreliable to give you a clear statement here. We can only refer to our reference examples, where we quote figures from customers. For Molto Luce it is 30 %, for Vespa for example 10 %. An official study by Bloomreach speaks of an average of 20%.