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3 best cases from practice: Does a configurator bring more sales?

Author: Elisabeth Sonnleitner

Anyone can claim that a configurator brings in more sales. But are there any studies on this? Are there any case studies from practice that prove this? We don't want to make empty promises. We love transparency and therefore show you all the results and findings in this blog article. We also go into detail about the prerequisites that are needed for increasing sales with the help of a configurator.

Studies: sales increase with configurator

Yes, there are several studies that suggest that personalization and therefore configurators can lead to more sales. A summary by Bloomreach shows that marketers see an increase in sales of up to 20% when they offer personalized products. According to a study by Epsilon, 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from companies that offer personalized shopping experiences.

Another study by McKinsey points to a 50% higher conversion rate achieved through product personalization and 70% of all users want personalization.

There are therefore indications that personalization and, subsequently, configurators help to increase sales. Configurators make customers more satisfied and lead to higher average order values. In the following blog article, we will show you some practical examples with meaningful key figures.

Best Case: Vespa

Summer, sun, freedom - and the Italian Vespa! This cult object embodies an attitude to life that is indispensable for many. For decades, the Vespa has inspired millions of people worldwide and has long since achieved cult status. But how do you manage to bring that unmistakable Vespa feeling to life online and increase sales in the process?

This is where the 3D configurator comes into play. Vespa has recognized that pure product images are no longer enough to inspire customers. In order to transport the unique lifestyle into the online store and to generate cross-selling, a new, realistic product presentation was needed.

And that is exactly what the 3D configurator offers: a unique 3D representation that provides customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. The aim was to present the Vespa in such a way that users would feel transported to St. Mark's Square in Venice and would like to take it for a test drive right away.

Results motorcycle configurator:

  • Up to 10 % more turnover
  • Up to 6x more orders
  • Up to 30 % more conversion

To the detailed case study of the motorcycle configurator.

3 best cases from practice: Does a configurator bring more sales?
3 best cases from practice: Does a configurator bring more sales?

Best Case: H+H SYSTEM

H+H SYSTEM is internationally known as an expert in the storage and organization of medicines. Their system for partitioning and storage has proven itself for more than 30 years in extremely sensitive areas, from pharmacies to hospitals.

H+H SYSTEM offers a wide range of shelving systems with a large number of variants. Customers have the possibility to choose from countless product combinations. However, it was a challenge to develop a sales tool, i.e. a configurator, that presents all variants in a simple and understandable way, while at the same time reducing the amount of consultation required. Another goal was to use the configurator to increase sales in the main markets of the USA and the EU. Would you like to know whether this was successful? Take a look for yourself.

Results shelving system configurator:

  • 40 % more inquiries
  • 60 % more sales
  • 80 % time savings in the preparation of offers

To the detailed case study of the shelf system configurator.

3 best cases from practice: Does a configurator bring more sales?

Criteria that determine the turnover of configurators

A configurator alone is no guarantee of increased sales. It is comparable to sports shoes, which do not automatically lead to a 10-km run. It's the conditions and prerequisites that have to fit for this to happen. But don't worry, these criteria are not difficult to meet. Below we have summarized them for you, and ideally you can answer "yes" to them:

  • My product offers the possibility of customization and personalization.
  • There is market demand for my product.
  • My website or product page has sufficient traffic (note this especially for startups or unknown companies).
  • My configurator has a clear goal, such as increasing sales or supporting sales.
  • The users of the configurator benefit from an appealing UI/UX (personas are defined in advance).
  • I continuously and consistently ensure that the configurator is adapted and updated, for example by adding new products, options and prices.
  • A smooth purchasing process is ensured, including a functioning store system and effective e-mail inquiry processing.

For more in-depth explanations of the above bullet points, see the related blog article: Sales increase through product configurator.

Conclusion: Does a configurator bring more sales? Myth or reality?

The question of whether a configurator brings in more sales is not a clear yes or no question. It depends on various factors. If these factors are taken into account and all the homework is done, for example, that there is sufficient traffic on the website, then nothing stands in the way of sales growth. Would you like to talk to Expert:innen about whether your products or your company is suitable for a configurator? We look forward to a non-binding discussion.