Miss Maki Konfigurator

New Combeenation Configurator: Miss Maki’s “Makit Yourself”

Miss Maki in Vienna has a very special and unique offer! At the Makit-Yourself counter, customers can customize their own bowl or burrito. From the base to the toppings to the sauce – there are no limits to creativity and tasty experiments!

Thanks to the new Combeenation configurator customers can now customize and order their bowls or burritos online. We are happy about the success of this project and proud about the statement of Miss Maki owner Anna Kleindienst:

“The cooperation with Combeenation during the development of our new configurator was characterized by excellent communication and quick, uncomplicated action. Our configurator is available to customers for over a month now and the investment is worth it in every respect. Customers have tremendous fun making their food in such a straightforward, fun way, and the total online orders have increased significantly since then. “

The configurator as a visual interface to the online customer is the basic requirement of every customization project in e-commerce. For the operators of an online shop, the “inner working” of the configurator is even more important. The product data, of course is most important but there is additional the data that Combeenation provides as an all-in-one platform. In Business Model Innovation (BMI) projects, the journey often goes much further. Key words here are Production Planning, Production Information, Sales Support, Customer Support, Maintenance Information, Training, Teaching the Customer, Data Analytics and much more.

Combeenation has a modular structure and delivers all the necessary data for complex industrial BMI projects.

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