Success Stories 

Whether pool house with sauna, playhouse, children’s house, tool shed, storage room or dog house: Using the garden house configurator of Florians Hütten, customers can plan their garden house online and get realtime 3D renderings of how their unique product will look like. Size, materials, roof shape, floor plan and much more are customizable. The house is delivered as a kit. No need for tedious visits to the hardware store anymore. The result: a unique product of proven quality – delivered directly from the producer.

The H+H divider system has proved its worth in practice for more than 30 years in all medical areas from the pharmacy to the hospital. With the H+H FlexShelf shelving system, the company offers a flexible warehouse and logistics landscape with endless possibilities. For customers and the sales staff, the 3D configurator is an indispensable tool for combining the components of the system into individual logistics concepts.

habitat21 is the home for a consistently modern life: designed by the customer with a 3D configurator, delivered as a complete kit and built in no time. The founders Stephan Reisch and Robert Henny developed the habitat21 concept based on their competence in construction and architecture. Concentrated on the essentials, namely “Globally affordable housing with high quality standards”.

Quqon is Austria’s first smart mattress. The Quqon is tailored to the needs of each customer. Because “the one for all” does not exist! Every person is different and has different needs. With the configurator a customized Quqon is created in a few simple steps.

For those who definitely want to color their everyday work, Reindl workwear impresses with individuality. The wide range of colors, designs and materials can be customized and branded online by the customer using the CPQ product configurator.

eyePole from Flagtec is a new advertising system for outdoor use. For sales and the company relies on a 3D configurator: Customers can visually experience the printable advertising space with an individual advertising message in the “real” environment and discover the advantages of the patented electronic clamping system.

Boltenstern is the world’s first fine jewelry brand that brings collections to market that are directly 3D printed in 18ct Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. The brand combines cutting-edge 3D technology with a rich history and tradition. Using a configurator the collection “Signature” transforms your personal handwriting into a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Customizing the urn for a deceased loved one is an important aspect of bereavement and saying good bye. At Völsing, high-quality urns can be designed by customers using a 3D configurator.

A front door is much more than just the separation between inside and outside. Life takes place through a front door. And as individual as one’s own life is, so too are the Pieno front doors. With the door configurator, Pieno is able to offer online exactly what customers are used to from the offline world: customization, convenience and professional planning.

Design unique medals for unique victories online! For the company Pichl the CPQ product configurator is an indispensable marketing and sales tool on the way to individual medals, badges and pins.


“The investment in the configurator was worth it in every way. Our customers have great fun customizing their meal in such a simple, fun way. The sum of online orders has increased significantly.”

Anna Kleindienst, CEO, Miss Maki

The take-away restaurant Miss Maki in Vienna has a very special and unique offer! With the Makit-Yourself configurator, customers can customize their own bowl or burrito. From the base to the toppings and the sauce – there are no limits to creativity and tasty experiments.

Spice me up! For everyone who has always wanted to make a own spice mix, the place to go is Babette’s webshop. The spice configurator turns premium spices into personal spice creations.

The motto of the winery Schlagkamp-Desoye is “Tradition and Innovation”! First and foremost the winery focuses on the prodction of high-quality Wine. In sales and marketing, the company is innovating the industry by offering wine with customizable labels starting with lot size 1.

The New York based lingerie brand Impish Lee specializes in tailor made, high quality underwear. With Combeenation technology, the company offers a unique configurator that turns the customer into a designer.

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